Commercial Carpet Cleaning & Floor Care

Commercial Carpet Cleaning & Floor Care Services in  Houston, TX

One Source will keep your carpets and office floors clean and looking brand new. Caring for carpets and floors is a standard service that is central to our building maintenance and service programs. Floor buffers, mops, heavy duty wet and dry vacuum cleaners, and blowers are a featured part of our inventory of cleaning supplies and equipment.

By investing in the proper maintenance services, your office will project a positive image to both employees and guests. The recommendations for commercial carpet cleaning are six months for heavy-traffic areas and every year for lighter-traffic areas. You may need more regular cleaning services depending on the color, style and quality of your carpets. We provide the following floor cleaning services:

• Stripping • Waxing • Buffing • 3M Concrete Polish • Carpet Care/Shampooing • And more!

As a professional carpet cleaning company in Houston, TX we strive to provide our clients with the perfect maintenance plan for their specific needs.

Providing Commercial Janitorial Services Throughout Houston, TX

We provide only trained personnel who are experienced in using the equipment necessary for any given task. Our supervisors inspect the completed work and ensure that it meets and exceeds the defined standards for the job.

We invite you to contact us to learn more about our commercial carpet cleaning and janitorial services today!

Commercial Janitorial Services
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