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Office Cleaning Services in Houston, TX

If you’ve ever walked into an office and stood amazed by how much cleaner it was than your business’ office, then it might be time to make a change. 

Our team at One Source Cleaning Solutions can provide you with the top-notch cleaning standards you’re looking for. As chaotic as an office can be sometimes, it can be hard to keep everything as tidy and clean as you might like. That’s why our office cleaning services aim to produce a consistently cleaner workspace for your office every time we come in. Our commercial janitorial services will leave your floors, desks, break areas, and restrooms looking brand new every time. Since every business has different needs, we will work with you to customize a cleaning plan that meets the demands of your business. 

Houston, TX's Premier Office Cleaning Company

At One Source Cleaning Solutions, our office cleaning services offer a wide range of amenities to keep your work space spotless when you and your employees enter the office in morning. If there is a service you specifically seek and do not see below, simply ask us and we can accommodate your needs!
Office Cleaning Services Houston, TX

Some of the Services We Offer:

  • Empty all waste receptacles and line with plastic liners
  • Vacuum carpets
  • Empty all recycling containers
  • Remove all trash from building and place in designated receptacle
  • Dust computer monitors & telephones 
  • Dust all desks
  • Dust file cabinets, tables, and office equipment
  • Disinfect and clean breakroom tables
  • Wet mop and disinfect floors
  • Clean & sanitize partitions and counters

Give Us a Call Today to Learn More About Our Commercial Janitorial Services!

Looking for a commercial cleaning company to keep your office cleaned and organized? Choose the professionals at One Source Cleaning Solutions to provide you with routine, top quality office cleaning services. If you are ready to get started and have us take a care of your work space, give us a call today and we will provide you with the information you need!
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